So I’m doing some video planning w/ this gentleman today & we both happened upon these purple pants.. We may have filmed some cheeky covers too. Stay tuned.. w/ @trtreece #greatminds #dearpiratekingiloveyourpurplepants #learntoloveagain

I’ve never had a coffee with an elephant in it before.. Especially not one with such excellent tusks. Thank you muchly @elephantboycafe #delicious #bowral

Definite vibe. 5pm - 8pm at The Waterhouse in Huskisson. #nofilter

A singing Hugh Jackman is the best way to make announcements of announcements.. ONE DAY MOOOORE!!! #newmusic #hughjackman

Surf boats! 8-11pm tonight. May be a quiet one.. But they have a pot belly stove. So that’s reason enough for a hang, I think #berry #howdidthosethingsgetupthere?

It’s 4 degrees outside, but I’m surrounded by bacon, elephants and books. #winning #elephantboycafe #bowral

God damn it @phill1410!! I don’t suck! #snowtags #whybeajerkfor? #perisher

"This plastic won’t compact!!" Mum: "It will when you do it like this!!" @clarembee best mum evaaaaar #mumisms

@clarembee @x2ohseven I thought you guys would appreciate this.. Toilets for Men, Women, Disabled persons, and people carrying large novelty sized burritos.

Playing at the opening of the opening of the Southern Highlands Writers Festival. It’s at the Bradman Museum! #goshthatsinteresting! #everythingsreallyinteresting! @petitepois

Oliver’s fighting with the drone cam again…


When you’re feeling stingey enough NOT to buy prescription sunglasses, improvise. #isthereanythinggafcantdo? #thekookiestkookthateverkooked @petitepois

Good mooooorning Alpine! w/ @petitepois #weeeeeeeeeeeeeew

Last nights shenanigans w/ @petitepois, @vyvyanhammond & Pete! Oh, Paul Greene.. @clarembee thank you for the introduction years ago. Wish you were here!