THE best way to spend the first night back in Aus. Thank you for organising @petitepois and thank you for sharing @janepitterpatter & @jjflanagan. Gorgeous as always. #feedmysoul

@clarembee They survived the journey! (Mostly perfect) and so did Ketch! @gruhnguitars #winning #thanksfornotbreakingeverythingqantas

So, there was a random cheeky wedding photographer who snapped this as I came through the gates into the arms of this lovely person this morning. I am home again. Good morning Sydney. @petitepois xx

Thanks Nashville. It’s been real. Also, @clarembee @x2ohseven, you guys are saints :) thank you for having me. #iswearididnteatallthebacon #maybeidid

@clarembee @x2ohseven “Where can we have the Nashville wrap party?…”

Bugger it, let’s just use the stadium. #nashville #whynot #allofthejumbotrons

Final tacoooooos :) @clarembee #localtaco #nashville #hooooo

@clarembee he’s really just a really big furry eel with legs. Really.

My unicorn of a sister, @clarembee, bought me a guitar today. It’s 46 years old. And It’s one of the most beautiful gifts I have ever received. I will never stop thanking you, Clare. Ever. Love you, bro. Xx #thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou

Pony. #nashville

@clarembee this tablecloth is making it increasingly difficult to find my orange picks. #songwritingproblems

Half of my fun for today. #canon #graffitigathering #Nashville

@petitepois no bambies today. Only this turkey & his friend.. @clarembee definitely would not chase this through the woods on bikes. #radnor #nashville #themsomebigbushturkeys #baddecision

Just finished some cheeky business with these guys at Nashville Underground Radio. Stay tuned!

So ah, Meet George. @ashcambanjo and I were TRYING to tell him not to sing too loud during our write, but he just couldn’t hold it in, dang it! HE’S SO DAMN CUTE. @kaelyriley @petitepois @clarembee #nashvillin

You got some things coming your way, Miss. @petitepois xxx